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Nestling in the south-western corner of Andalucía, in the north-west of the province of Cadiz you will find Jerez. Jerez’s exceptional geographical location, its close proximity to the Atlantic, the local chalky soil, the palomino grape, and the careful ageing of the grape must, all combine to give the world the pleasure of this unique product known the world ever as sherry. Lovingly aged in wine cellars often linked to cathedrals due to their spacious silence. Grape cultivation in Jerez dates back to the Roman era. But the Gonzales Byass distillery, known worldwide as "Tio Pepe" was founded in Jerez in 1835. Their cellars hold over 45 million litres of Sherry and Brandy de Jerez. Lepanto is their best brandy. It is aged for at least 12 years in American cask oak and made exclusively from palomino grapes native to the Spanish region of Jerez. -Jerez, Cádiz, 2009-

01 Mar 2019
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