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Timal Yatra

Timal Yatra

Timal Yatra is not a general Buddhist festival but a festival (Yatra) of the Tamang cast. Tamang people gather at Boudha's stupa on this day to offer butter lamps to the deceased family members. They celebrate the whole night by singing around the stupa. Mostly young Tamang boys and girls are seen taking active part on singing competition. It is called Dohori (question's are asked in songs and replied in songs accordingly) If the boys and girls like each other they can also get married. Locals put stalls all around the stupa for Tea, Momo, Chhyang, Aaludam etc. Next day, in the early morning, they go to Balaju to take a holy bath. Some people also go to Jamacho (top of the hill at Balaju) to visit Mela. -Kathmandu (Boudha) Nepal, 2012-

01 Mar 2019
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